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Getting Started with new love

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Hi fellow TWs!

I just got my bike a few days ago! Falling in love with it!

The problem i had was starting up the bike.

How do i start a cold engine correctly.

With the ignition and the switch and the choke. Especially the choke.

I do not know the right way of using the choke.

Pulling it all the way or halfway or not using it at all.

Much appreciated with your guy's help! Thanks!
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If the engine is cold, and the weather cold, pull the enrichment knob all the way out.

If one is cold and the other warm, pull the enrichement knob halfway out.

If either or both is hot, don't pull the enrichment knob at all.

Or, properly tune the carb and don't worry about the enrichment knob until it's too cold to ride, anyway.
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I pretty much always pull mine out all the way unless it has been recently run.

Let it idle a little until engine speeds up, then push it in half way.

Hop on, then push it in the rest of the way after a quarter mile or so.
That's what I had to do until I tuned the carb. If it was really cold out first start in the morning was a difficult undertaking, and Tdub slept inside.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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