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Sorry to hear about your wasted trip, though at least you didn't buy it.

I found my first TW on Craig's List, ended-up meeting the seller in a grocery store parking lot at 11 at night to buy it (these TW's sell fast!) I've bought many other things from Craig's List as well (including a dual sport Honda MC) but I've been lucky and have never had to drive farther than an hour from my house to buy anything (so far).

Here's my funniest Craig's List story: Two weeks ago I was looking for and eventually found a cross-bed tool box for a pick-up truck I've been fixing-up for my Neice. The tool box I eventually found was an older Delta model, the seller posted a couple of good pics, was honest about the lift struts which hold the lid-up not working and the price was more than fair ($60, the guy could have easily gotten over $100). So the seller and I agree to meet at his house later in the evening, I ask him for his address and he asks why I would need that, he wanted to give me directions. I politely explained that I planned on just plugging his address into my GPS or Google as I was familar with the part of town he lived in. He told me flatly Google and GPS's wouldn't be able to find his house (he lived in a tract near a popular mall which has been there at least 30 years). I listened to his directions (though he couldn't seem to remember all the street names, telling me landmarks to turn at) and eventually got his address. Plugged it into Google Maps while we we're still talking and it seemed to match his directions perfectly. No big deal though, the guy just wanted to be thorough I guess.

Later that evening I arrived at the guy's house at the time we'd agreed on (seven PM) and he seemed genuinly surprised to see me and even more surprised when he asked if I'd had any problems finding his street. Is showed him the Google Map I had just followed on my BlackBerry and I thought he was going to faint from shock! He said not even the local Pizza place could find his house. Right, again it was in a tract of homes no different from all the other's in my area.

So I go look at the tool box, it was as he described (but in a little better shape) but he couldn't find the keys. He apologized than excused himself to go inside where he, his wife and kids proceeded to (it sounded like) disassemble their house looking for the key or keys. He eventually (ten minutes later) returned with several rings of keys (some were obviously not for a tool box but he tried them anyways) eventually he found one key which fit which was all I needed. We loaded it into my Neice's truck and we spend a few minutes talking, which is where I realized this guy was a few donuts short of an even dozen. I told him my name when we spoke on the phone, when I arrived I introduced myslef and he then proceeded to ask me my name two more times, so the third time (in a 15 minute period) he asked for my name I made one up. And the next two times after that he asked, two more names. The scary part, he told me he teaches at a local high school!

Anyway's he was a nice guy, gave me a great deal on a tool box which could have easily grabbed $100-150 and said some nice things about my Neice's truck ('00 Silverado) and couldn't get over my fancy phone which found his house. Sometimes you just have to laugh =)

--Kevin AKA: Tom, Ed and Dave
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