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Got screwed on "Showroom Condition" TW

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Drove 400 miles round trip today to get a 2007 TW with 485 miles. The owner told me it was in like new showroom condition and that it was never dropped or wrecked. When I got there it was a different story, The front fender, left mirror, fuel tank, and number plate around the headlight were all badly scratched. The left rear turn signal was cracked too. When he started the bike it reved VERY fast with the choke on and would stall as soon as you turned the choke off. He insisted that was normal for the TW's. He told me to start it and put it in gear and it would be fine once it warmed up because it is "cold blooded". I didn't want to drop it in gear with it reving so fast so I let it stall then put it in gear and started it in gear and pulled out right away. It didn't get better when it warmed up and would stall when I stopped or pulled in the clutch and coasted. Also when driving you could see that then handle bars were tweaked and the triple clamps and forks were out of whack. The front fender was also not in line with the front tire. I rode back to his house and told him that I did not want it and he insisted that it was fine and never wrecked. Oh well, back to the search for a TW. What a waste of a Saturday and $90 in gas!
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The choke, and 'cold blooded' thing sounds right... mine likes The choke for a minute or so. And it revs pretty high. I back the choke off slowly, until it will idle with it off. This seems to be the consensus around here, so I don't worry.

The rest of the story is a heart-breaker. Too bad guys feel like they can't be honest.

I bought my '05 with 850 miles, and it was immaculate, except a couple of scratches and rough spot on the edge of the seat (apparently from the same incident). I bought it off Ebay, about 120 miles away, but the damage was shown and pointed out in the ad. The guy I bought it from got screwed on the scratches from the ad he bought it from.

Keep the faith, the right deal will come along!
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