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Grand Lake is a 13,500 acre hand dug lake located in Mercer and Auglaize Counties in West Central was dug as a feeder for the Miami~Erie Canal in the early 1800s...and was at one time the largest Man Made Lake in the world, as well as being a Recreational Fishing, Swimming, and Boating Mecca.....over the years, the farm runoff and other pollutants have rendered the lake none of what it for a few bars, and the local boaters, Grand Lake isn't what it any stretch.

Our family moved to the small town of Montezuma on the south side of the Lake in 1963 after returning to Ohio after a dozen years in South Florida{Venice on the Gulf}...I have lived in the area most of the last 50+ years...with the exception of being in the Air Force and stints living in Wisconsin, Kansas, and Indiana, while I chased my broadcast dreams....

The lake was my haunt, especially back in the late 60s, pre Air Force, and early to mid 70s post Air Force....yesterday I hopped on the tw to see what summer looked like these days as compared to those days when I was on or near the lake almost everyday...winter included. The beaches, once filled and teaming with people, and now empty, thanks to the alga bloom that has seeped into the lake...I still get nice sunrise and sunset photos, but the lake just isn't the same.....:( and not likely to improve in my lifetime. The lake is only 5 to 8 feet deep and despite constant dredging the inflow of animal waste and chemical runoffs cannot be cleaned up fast enough by modern means.

Around the Lake 013.JPG Around the Lake 014.JPG Around the Lake 018.JPG Around the Lake 011.JPG

Various locations where we used to swim on both the south and east side of the lake, and the now closed Scotty's Beach where we would play cards in the winter and drink beer and ogle the girls during the summer at the beach across the street....:cool:
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