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There are so many random threads on here about what mods people recommend. I'm hoping this thread can grow into a information packed thread on many of the possibilities on how to Farkle your TW. If it works out, perhaps someone can make it a sticky and it can be a great source for Newbies to find information.

I propose that we take a picture of our TW, add ballooned numbers pointing to our different mods (or farkles), then write a list of the mods we have, why we did them, and where to find them.

To keep the thread clean and easy to find info inside of, please edit your first post rather than adding another post. That way it doesn't get huge and hard to navigate, it keeps all the information current. Also, please keep posts positive, we all have setups we like and work well for us, what works for me, may not work for you. My hope is that this thread simply shows options!


If anyone needs help with adding balloon numbers to their picture, send me a pm, I will help


So, here's my post:

(1) Bar Risers and Taller Bars

I'm tall so I went to the max my cables would allow to make the bike more comfortable for me

Got my bars here

(2) Hand Guards

I ride off road and sometimes crash, tired of replacing levers....

Got my handguards here

(3) High Mount Fender

I live in Oregon, we have rain, rain makes mud, mud makes tire no spin when fender too close... Plus I think it looks good.

Got my front fender and mount here

(4) Cleaner Tail Light and License Plate Holder

I broke mine riding off road, this setup is smaller and less prone to getting broken, plus the light is brighter and uses less power!

Got my Tail Light here

(5) Wider Foot Pegs

I was tired of the skinny footpegs, these are more comfortable, fix the offset issue, and allow using any footpeg made for the more popular YZ and WR motorcycles..

Got my footpegs here

(6) Fix the jetting

My TW's stock jetting was too lean on the Pilot Jet and too rich on the Main Jet. I raised the needle with shims to improve throttle response. I'm also testing a newer TM28 carb at this time.

Got my Jet Kit here

(7) New front tire

The stock front tire did not work well for me. I've been very happy with the Shinko 244 in the 5.10 size

Got my tire here

(8) Updated the front suspension

My stock TW front suspension was too soft and I was not happy with it's dampening action. I put in stiffer springs and Racetech Cartridge Emulators. WAY BETTER!! Now I need to fix the rear shock...

Got my springs and emulators here

(9) Folding mirrors

The stock mirrors weren't bad, but they don't fold out of the way when you ride off road or when you crash. Yes, I crash... I've been very happy with these mirrors. Did have to use adapters to make them fit.

Got my mirrors and adapters here

(10) More comfortable seat

My stock seat didn't seam too bad really, until I sat on the Seat Concepts Seat! At first I only changed it because my stock one was red, but I'm glad I made this upgrade!

Got my seat here

(11) Needed More Fuel

For longer rides, I wanted to carry more fuel. I added RotopaX fuel cans to my rear rack. I like this setup, but I might add a larger Clarke too!

Got my RotopaX here

Larger tanks here

(12) Rear Rack and Top Box

I carry spare parts, tools, and snacks. It's also nice to shed layers or keep rain gear in as well...

Got my top box here

(13) DG Muffler

Honestly, the muffler didn't do a whole lot, it did give me a little more top end speed. I like the deep rumble it makes too. I did put the quiet insert in because it was too loud for me without it!

Got my muffler here

(14) Skidplate

I added this to protect the engine while riding off road. The stock skidplate is a joke!!!

I made my own but can get an aluminum one here

(15) There will be more......

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ok then.... game on!

with a few disclaimers: mr bracket's fab and wrenching skills are great, mine are none and next to none.
i also put new plastic on, but that's just cosmetic...

My 1994, former Rainbow Warrior:


Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Transport


1. New Front Tire.
The stock tire was on it when i bought it, so i got a Shinko 244 tire, size 4.80.

2. Raised Front Fender.

The mud around here is called Franciscan Melange.... or Blue Goo. Nuff said.
It is an Ascerbis fender with a Mr Bracket bracket from Procycle

3. Bark Busters.
I fall a lot, these save levers. Acerbis from the $bay.

4. New Bars.
Pro Taper High ATV bars from Procycle.

5. Folding Mirrors.
I fall too, folding mirrors seem like a good idea. These were not cheap and i'm still working to get them dialed in.

6. XT225 Tank.
Larger fuel capacity, not huge but another 1/2 gallon+ and easy to put on with good looks. Range is now 150+ miles.

7. New Seat Cover.
I wasn't a big fan of the flame red OEM seat, i picked it up on $bay. I may yet upgrade to a Seat Concepts seat.

8. Cyclerack Rear Rack.
A tough and very useful rack and a company with great customer service! I also have the storage tubes on either side.

9. Pelican case 1450.
Not too big,not too small... just about right. Attached to nuts welded on angle iron welded to cyclerack.

10. Kolpin 1.5 gal auxiliary tank.
Attached to welded angle iron on cyclerack. Total range around 260 miles.

11. Quick Release Seat Fasteners.
Ok, I made these... the extent of my fab skills, using the idea of others.

12. XT225 Rear brake cam lever:
An extra 1 1/2" length gives more leverage for the rear drum. Found it on eBay for $17.

13. 428 O-Ring Chain.
Purchased online, when a forum member posted a great deal.

14. Larger kickstand pad.
Copied r80rt and welded a 2" washer on the bottom for a bigger footprint.

15. Larger DMO Foot Pegs.
I helped develop and test these pegs.

16. Steel folding-tip shifter.
My stock one looked like a pretzel, and i needed more length with my new boots. Says it was for a YZ250F. eBay

17. Running Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10w-40 Synthetic Oil.
It made a difference, a quieter motor and smoother shifting

18. Ricochet Skidplate.
The stock one really is tin foil, i just didn't know it until i took it off.

19. Larger rear brake pedal.
With my boots, i wasn't finding enough real estate with the brake. i welded on the section of my old stock foot peg. More better!

20. Lizrdbrth Oil Cooler
Extra protection from Mr T-dub himself, ecellent design, even better service!

21. Larger aftermarket horn
A little more oomph when you want to get someone's attention.

22. 45˚ bend copper elbow (not shown)
A little dampening of the burly TW sound

23. Shortened Rear Blinkers (not shown)
After breaking another one... i wanted some that were tucked inside the cyclerack.

24. Jimbo Shield
(not shown)
In dark blue. At speed this keeps wind buffeting down, and looks darn cool

25. Tinman Tim Rear Pannier Rack (not shown)
I used these when on my BC-BC Ride. They worked great.

26. Joemama 2" stretch swing arm
A longer track for uphills and better rear action

27. Procycle rear shock spring (15 kgmm)
A stiffer rear end

28. TTR225, 6 spd transplant

Overbored .05 to 226cc with bored TTR right side cover for kickstarter and 6 disc clutch.

Try ProCycle for a one-stop source for parts, not all of their prices are the lowest, but their customer service was A#1.

All scrapes and scratches are super bonus and proof of it serving it's actual purpose.
This bike has been an adventure, i didn't realize what i was getting myself into.... but what a great ride so far!

PS: My wife OK'd my highlight color.... she said HOT PINK was a little too BRIGHT.

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I'll trade you a burger today for your XT tank Tuesday. The bike looks good. Just need a disk brake.

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1. First change I did was cut the back license plate holder off--Knife from the kitchen and a file

2. I added ATV bars ($19) Shop in Oceanside, CA

3. Jimbo Shield--Jimbo

4. Rhino lined skid plate--Jimbo

5. 15 tooth front sprocket--(Internet)

6. Old school Acerbis disc brake cover--(Craigslist)

7. Fabricated fender bracket for a UFO Supermoto fender (Internet)

8. Oversized pegs--$19 (Ebay)9. Blaster Shock--(Craigslist)

9. Shinko front tire (don’t remember)

10. New gold chain and black rear sprocket--(Internet don't remember where)

11. Power Core Pipe--Fellow Tubber form member

12. Pelican Case--(Craigslist)

13. Storage tubes (to hold 2- 1 liter fuel cans)

14. Cyclerack $100 (Craigslist)

15. Fabricated longer kickstand--Fellow Tdubber

16. Hybrid forks (mid 90’s YZ 80 front fork tubes)--(Craigslist)

17. Lizard Break Oil Cooler--The man himself

18. Sunline folding shifter--clearance table at local shop

19. Acerbis Hand Guards--(Craigslist)

What's left on my wish list:

1-being priority

2-being a nice addition

a. XT tank (1)

b. Skid Plate (1)

c. Progressive springs {for the front (2)}

d. Stiffer rear spring for the Blaster shock (2)

(does anyone have any suggestions on making it a bit stiffer?)

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I am so jealous of the XT tanks.

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Thank you for making me salivate for the last hour. I have to spend money on some unexpected bills first. That is exactly what I want though. Well see how long it lasts. I am about a month or two away. DAMN........

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Here we go!

1.) jimbo shield

2.) tusk bar risers

3.) tusk deflex handguards/ tusk handguard mitts for cold weather

4.) odi grips.

5.) ram iphone mount/holder

6.) cycoactive barpack mapcase

7.) bikemaster 6000k HiD headlight

8.) 2 advmonster model 44 2000 lumen led fog lights. With high beam relay

9.) headlight stone guard

10.) 12v outlet

11.) toggle switches for headlights

12.) clark 2.7 gal tank

13.) seat concepts seat

14.) shinko sr244 5.10 front tire

15.) mud flap on front fender

16.) ricochett skid plate

17.) brake & shifter savers

18.) heated vest plug.

19.) ebay cast iron pegs

20.) 15/50 sprockets

21.) did oring chain

22.) cyclerack

23.) cyclerack panniers

24.) givi e21 boxes on homemade adapter plates.

25.) shimmed needle / 126-130 jet depends on where im going/ drilled slide hole

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[quote name='OsakaCustomStyle' date='27 April 2013 - 07:20 PM' timestamp='1367115608' post='74950']

Brock, your TW looks great. What can you tell me about that Acerbis disc brake cover?


Thanks Bart. I bought it simply for vanity reasons. I found it on ebay for $40 back in 2010. It was brand new but was intended for an 1994 XR 400. Pretty much all the Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki standard forks used the same Acerbis guards. I have posted links for the different sites somewhere here in the forum. It was under the performace column.

P.S. I am the FIRST to admit that my tw spends more time in the garage than on the dirt, AND I am the first to admit that I am more concerned with it looking "COOL" than being fast. Because how fast can 14hp really go?

Have a great weekend. Thank you for the nice comments.


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Me either. I was never and I am still not cool. But the oil cooler kept my TDub cool for the ride Sunday.

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OK, here is my bike by request:

00) Frame, fork tubes and all misc parts powder coated or painted black

01) Bridgestone TW203 Front Tire on stock wheel (powder coated black)

02) Daytona short front fender

03) Garage T&F Small Brett Blinkers

04) Garage T&F 4.5" Bates Headlight on Luke Headlight Stay (powder coated black)

05) Drag Specialties Speedo and Hurricane Indicator Lamp Kit

06) Black TW brake/clutch levers

07) Sandblasted and custom painted tank

08) Crappy eBay aftermarket mirrors (I have since gone back to the stock mirrors)

09) K&N Filter Kit (RB-510 filter with the kit parts to attach it, see blog post here)

10) Nitroheads Smooth Seat for normal tank

11) Kijima Tandem Grip

12) Kijima TW200 Tail Lamp Kit

13) Garage T&F Small Brett Blinkers

14) Nitroheads Aluminum Mud Guard

15) Bridgestone TW204 Rear Tire on stock wheel (powdercoated black)

16) Nitroheads Dragpipe (powdercoated black)

17) Beams Long Swingarm

18) Regular 428 chain cut to size

NOTE: Most of the custom Japanese parts were bought from


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i love the kickstand extension.....

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Nice lookin setups guys! I'm a newer rider (15) I have an 89' t-dub pretty basic renthal bars, moose racing guards. Im looking to set her up for a way to get back n forth to work and school but also some weekend fun. Needs new tires 50 50 on road off road. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I will post some pics soon. Also I saw a thread on how to make a raised fender mount awhile back for a UFO fender but cant find it now.

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That's funny! (Maybe that will be my next project - to make a rock)

Nice looking bikes Osaka, Small's, Brock, R80RT, and Joe Band. I love this thread - so special thanks go out to MrBracket for starting it.

Where do you guys get those cool colored balloons on your bikes?


They are on sale at Party City.

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Supposedly the TW203 and TW204s are supposed to be dual sport tires for on and off road.

They appear to be more street ready than off-road. Looking closer to stock with a different pattern.
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