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1. First change I did was cut the back license plate holder off--Knife from the kitchen and a file

2. I added ATV bars ($19) Shop in Oceanside, CA

3. Jimbo Shield--Jimbo

4. Rhino lined skid plate--Jimbo

5. 15 tooth front sprocket--(Internet)

6. Old school Acerbis disc brake cover--(Craigslist)

7. Fabricated fender bracket for a UFO Supermoto fender (Internet)

8. Oversized pegs--$19 (Ebay)9. Blaster Shock--(Craigslist)

9. Shinko front tire (don’t remember)

10. New gold chain and black rear sprocket--(Internet don't remember where)

11. Power Core Pipe--Fellow Tubber form member

12. Pelican Case--(Craigslist)

13. Storage tubes (to hold 2- 1 liter fuel cans)

14. Cyclerack $100 (Craigslist)

15. Fabricated longer kickstand--Fellow Tdubber

16. Hybrid forks (mid 90’s YZ 80 front fork tubes)--(Craigslist)

17. Lizard Break Oil Cooler--The man himself

18. Sunline folding shifter--clearance table at local shop

19. Acerbis Hand Guards--(Craigslist)

What's left on my wish list:

1-being priority

2-being a nice addition

a. XT tank (1)

b. Skid Plate (1)

c. Progressive springs {for the front (2)}

d. Stiffer rear spring for the Blaster shock (2)

(does anyone have any suggestions on making it a bit stiffer?)

Is it just me or did you already upgrade the rear suspension? It looks higher than the all of the other t-dubs I've seen including mine.

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Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive tire

(1) Tool tube x 2 - Used for carrying extra fuel bottles, water or even tools.

Available from Agri Supply at Manual Canister, Tool Tube, Document Holder, Manual Tube

(2) Short stalk turn signals. Keeps the signals tucked in and protected from damage when I dump the bike.

Available from Cycle Gear at

(3) 45 Degree female/female copper elbow, simply pressed onto the stock exhaust tip. Helps to divert the exhaust sound so it doesn't seem to be inside my helmet. (Also adds about 5 horsepower)

Available at Home Depot or any other hardware store.

(4) Rear brake arm from a TTR225. This brake arm is about 1.25"� longer than the stock brake arm. Improves the mechanical advantage so you can lock up the rear wheel with less force on the brake lever.

I got mine on ebay.

(5) Duro Power Grip ATV tire - size 26 x 8 x 14. Looks cool, attracts a lot of attention and so far, has been unstoppable.

Available on line at various sources. I got mine at Dennis Kirk.

(6) Kickstarter. Every TW should have one of these.

I got mine from a 1992 donor engine with a blown top end.

(7) Larger footpegs. Much nicer than the skinny stock ones.

I got mine on ebay.

(8) A real skid plate. The stock one is made from old dog food cans and is a joke.

I got mine from Ricochet Off-Road. (There used to be a 10% discount code somewhere on this forum that worked for me)

(9) Lizrdbrth oil cooler adapter. Read all about it here: Don't look at this

Only one place to get these, from the great and wonderful wizard of all things TW - Lizrdbrth!

(10) Pit bike oil cooler. I got mine before Lizrdbrth had his oil cooler available and have just been too cheap and lazy to upgrade to his. These are available in all kinds of cool colors, but I would suggest getting the clear anodizing like I did. I ended doing a lot of cutting and grinding on mine, so all that pretty anodizing would just get boogered up and look like crap.

I got mine on ebay for about $20.00.

(11) Shinko SR244 - Golden Boy - size 5.10-18. Anything that fits up front will be a huge improvement over the stock "Death Wing".

Available on line at various sources. I think I got mine at Rocky Mountain ATV.

(12) 3/4"� Spacers. These provide extra clearance between the tire and fender to prevent mud and rocks from jamming up the front wheel. Don't go any longer or you run the risk of bottoming out the lower triple clamp on the fender mount/brace.

Available at Home Depot or any other hardware store.

(13) Tiedowns courtesy of fellow forum member Jungleplant. Read about them here: Tiedowns from Jungleplant

Available from: Welcome to ManRacks (Note: I believe that ProCycle now also offers something similar)

(14) Handguards. These were just some that I had laying around that originally came off of a KTM. Nothing special but they have probably saved me a few broken levers.

(15) ProTaper SE ATV Hi handlebars. Much better than the Bend-o-Matic stock bars. Lots of info available here on the forum regarding the installation of these bars.

I got mine at Cycle gear because it was convenient.

(16) Cyclerack. Great product from a great company with great service! They wouldn't even accept payment until I received the rack and was satisfied with it.

Available at

(17) Pelican case, model 1450. Read about how I mounted the tool tubes to this case and how I mounted this case before I got my Cyclerack: The Famous Storage Tube

I got mine from my son, courtesy of google.

(18) LED replacement bulbs for turn signal, high beam and neutral indicators lights.

Available at

(19) IMS YZ shifter lever. This turned out to be only about 1/2" longer than stock and has a folding tip, so it is a small improvement.

Can't remember where I got this from.

(20) DID O-ring chain.

I got this on ebay.

(21) Dual sprocket setup with 47 and 55 tooth sprockets. Read about dual sprockets here: The Dual Sprocket thread

(22) Quick release hitch pin seat mounts. Read about them here: Mule Nuts?

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Ok, here's my attempt at an adventure ready TW

2001 TW 200

1. Lizardbrth cooler

2. Ttr225 stainless header pipe

3. Ricochet ttr225 skid plate

4. Stock peg to rear brake extension

5. xt225 rear brake arm-more leverage/ability to stretch swing arm and not use a different rod.

6. Ttr225 biggun pipe with bracket cut and welded to fit tw

7. Vapor speedo/tach/engine temp in place of standard speedo/odom/MSR atv bars & Hardwired garmin CX60 power sup

8. Bored out TW triples with RT180 forks legs 1.5” more travel w/rt180 brake

9. DIY elevated front fender bracket, Acerbis super moto fender, and brace

10. Emgo hand guards

11. xt225 Clark 4.2 gallon tank

12& 13 Rear cycle rack, DIY plate and Kolpin 1.25 gal aux fuel can

14. 55 tooth sprocket & 138 link chain

15. Bighorn rear tire

16. 3” extended swing arm

17. xt225 side stand (longer)

18. Maxxis 606 front tire

19. Extended folding shift lever (yz80 I believe)

20. DMO foot pegs

21. Banshee shock, v-star spring and DIY spacer

22. Larger main jet/shimmed needle/ a/f plug removed

thats about it I think

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This was such a cool idea. So many great tricks that we have all learned from one/another and so much individual character for each one's too. Brian, I love the dual sprocket concept.

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TCE, I do have a blaster shock. I was just commenting that I need a stiffer spring for it.

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Here's my little dirt road explorer. My interest is long distance dirt road touring and camping, with a little trail riding thrown in.

1. Cycleracks front rack, I carry a small hatchet there, and made a set of small panniers for it.

2. Jimbo wind shield, Jimbo

3. Lexan headlight guard, Ebay.

4. Ricochet skid plate, Happy trails.

5. Added a kick start kit, Ebay.

6. DMO foot pegs, They correct the offset, DMO Specialty's.

7. Cycleracks rear rack.

8. Welded a 3" washer to the kickstand foot, much better stability on soft ground, Tractor supply.

9. XT225 tank, more fuel, and the scoops pull cooler air to the head. Removed lock from gas cap.

10. Handguards, Ebay universal.

11. Mudflaps, front and rear, homemade.

12. IMS steel folding shifter, Motorcycle Superstore.

13. Auxilliary fuel can from Honda CT90 mounted to rear rack on homemade mount. Only carried on longer rides.

14. Properly jetted, shimmed, and adjusted to correct factory lean setting.

15. Roll chart holder on bars, I make my own roll charts for navigation.

16. Army surplus haversacks for saddle bags on cycleracks pannier holders, bags from Pawn shop.

17. Army surplus bag on seat horn, usually carrying a camera, Pawn shop.

18. Wolfman Ridgeline duffle, it carries the tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, stuff. Only carried when needed.

19. Gran Turismo grips, ("Titty Grips" for you old guys like me), Ebay.

20. 12V power outlet, for phone charger and air compressor. auto parts store.

21. LED bulbs in speedo and pilot box.

22. Home made trail jack for tire repair in the field.

23. Schrader valve core removal caps on each wheel.

24. Anti-seize on all the engine case cover bolts. When I need to get in there, I don't want any stuck or twisted off bolts.

25. Blue locktite on every non engine nut and bolt I could find, don't want to leave anything on the road due to vibration.

26.The Ricochet skid plate had two 13mm bolt heads in front and two t-40 Torx bolts in the rear. I replaced the front with 12mm bolt heads and replaced the rear with allen head bolts. The rear cyclerack had two 13mm bolt heads, I replaced them with 12mm bolt heads. They were the only 13mm's or Torx on the bike. By replaceing them, I don't need to add extra tools to the kit.

27. O ring chain 15-54 sprockets

28. 45 degree turn down on exhaust.

Lizard Breath Oil cooler is next.

#14 ?.....lean jetted?.

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Yes, the factory carb settings were lean. I went up from a 126 to a 128 main jet, added two shims to the needle and set the mixture screw at 2 1/2 turns out. I have changed my original post to be less confusing.

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I had too much time on my hands tonight. With that time I have given awards out for the best TW’s in the “Guide to building an Adventure Ready TW 200" post.

The winners are:


1. Burliest TW: BikerJosh

2. The most “I can bungee that right here” TW: Smalls

3. Most intimidating TW: OsakaCustomStyle

4. The most multicolored travel bagged TW: r80rt

5. The Silver Bullet and most geared TW: TWBrian

6. Best Retro TW: Mr. Bracket

7. The TW that looks most normal with an XT tank: Joe Band

8. Most vain and least likely to get dirty TW: Brock

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My tw adventure bike

This is my TW adventure bike . As pictured it has everything I need to stay off road and camp for 8 days. It has the cycle-rack rack home made pannier racks with surplus panniers. It has bar risers, taller bars , cruse control, 12 v power-ports for gps , an on board 12 volt compressor, hand guards , a pelican top box , tank bag , 2 gallon xtra gas can , Bigger fork springs and thicker fork oil , rear shock upgrade , Home made windscreen a bit taller than jimbos .

I am rehabbing now from a face-plant in oct of 2010. Hit a dog at around 50 miles an hour on a hardtop road. Broken shoulder ,both arms broken, left upper right both lower bones plate and screws to fix , all ribs on left side broke, 4 toes , right thumb , punctured lung, broken helmet and unconscious for 17 days. After 3 shoulder surgery's it is un repairable and I retired. I can ride but the left arm goes to sleep after an hour or so and cant work the clutch. I hit the dog and went over the bars slid down the road as the bike launched itself 8 feet into the air landing full force on me . My son retrieved the bike it only had a few scrapes on the panniers and around the headlight. The tw started right up and runs fine I guess I cushioned its fall. I hope to be out on longer adventures soon.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Adventure

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Ouch! I cannot begin to imagine the suffering that you have endured. Glad to here that you are on the mend.

Great looking setup on your TW, I hope you will be able to resume your adventure travels soon.


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Wow, the list of injuries is longer than most of my posts. I am glad to hear that you are back to being yourself. Your bike looks like it could roll through anything.

Stay safe and have a tdub of a day.
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