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I think the clearance between top of OEM fender brace and bottom of triple tree is more like only ~5/8" at full compression. With Twinkies or something rubbery in the tool bag one might get the equivalent of a bit of progressive spring rate on those big Utah G-outs.:rolleyes:
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Just bought a 2013 TW. I want to use it for camping and around town for errands mostly. Maybe an old fire trail or some beach riding once in a while. I know mods are individual preference but I'd like to ask what mods would be recommended for this type of use in order to make the bike dependable and nice to ride. That is where did the factory fall short and what can be added to make up for any short falls?

Thanks all.
Buy a bigger Clarke fuel tank [2.7 Gallons, clear to see fuel level], an LED headlight for sure [Amazon cheap, or starting will be more difficult ], other lights to LED [ok mod], a Seat Concepts seat cover with foam and a good rear rack. Give an upholstery person a few bucks to install the new foam and cover. Change the oil and all filters hot. Add a kick starter if cheap. Add some extra air to the tires for highway riding or the tires will cup badly.

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it's mine:

first with a YZ 125 1982 tank and white fairing

Then, I broke my Wallet and buy Clarke tank.. because I love black motorcycle

So the main modifications:

- Honda Xl 200 Forks (200mm travel)

- Bmw X challenge damper (200mm travel) : It's the only damper that i Found who whorks like a EOM damper, directly to frame to swinging arm and who is a little bit longer

- clarke tank

- Wind screen home-made

- carry bag frame home made (with handlebars :giggle:)

- skid plate of a KTM

- little LED rear fire and turn signal

- I have 2 front wheels, withe SHINKO 244 and metzeler unicross

- tool tube

- large footrest

- handlebar reliever

- 14x50 (In france, the tw 200 was only sale in 14x45 teeths)

I hope you can read me despite my englih.. ?
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