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Had to let the TW go

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I had to let my TW go because of prior car accident injuries....she just rides too rough on the street and kept aggravating my back. I traded her for a Honda Rebel. Much smoother ride, and when I'm done with the forward controls- a better riding position for me.

Hated to see her go, but she went to a good home. I heard she clocked 300+ miles in the first two days! The new owner likes it so much, they are buying a second TW so father an son can ride together. New owner has 16 bikes, so that says a lot about the TW.

I'll still be around, thanks to everyone who helped keep my TW running.
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Sorry to hear about the back and the TW.

I'd be interested to see a pic of your new bike.

I have low back issues, L4, L5. Because of that, I absolutely cannot sit on cruisers. Riding with my legs forward is agony. I rode Harleys for nine years and I'm convinced that's what damaged that area. Anyway, good luck with the new bike.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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