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Had to let the TW go

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I had to let my TW go because of prior car accident injuries....she just rides too rough on the street and kept aggravating my back. I traded her for a Honda Rebel. Much smoother ride, and when I'm done with the forward controls- a better riding position for me.

Hated to see her go, but she went to a good home. I heard she clocked 300+ miles in the first two days! The new owner likes it so much, they are buying a second TW so father an son can ride together. New owner has 16 bikes, so that says a lot about the TW.

I'll still be around, thanks to everyone who helped keep my TW running.
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The Honda Rebel looks interesting. I saw one the other day but I'm not sure I would like the feet forward riding position. I hope you will discuss this here so I can benefit from your experiences.
The rebel is an awesome bike for people shorter than 5'6. Seat height is much too low if you're taller though.

It's a little low on power compared to bikes like the ninja 250; but on the flip side the bike will outlive the ninja ten-fold. Probably longer than that. It will cruise 65 easily on flats. It runs so smooth you can wind it up all the way to its redline of 8250 and not hurt a thing - 8250 is slowwwww for a 233cc twin with a 53mm stroke.

I have a 1991 nighthawk 250 with the same engine and it's just gold. It's so perfectly balanced and smooth with so little friction I can be running 60 @ 6200 on an 85 degree day and the oil temp never even hits 200. Compare that to the TW engine that easily hits 250 degrees in such a scenario. There's just no comparison. The bike was designed so well, it doesn't even have or need an oil filter! I never see any metal particles between oil changes, either.

You'll easily get 100k, if not 200k miles out of the engine if you take care of it - stellar for a 250 class that's spinning quite quickly at highway speeds. Mine is at 22k miles and I run the heck out of it and it still runs like the day I bought it (With 7k miles) It never lets me down, and I'm almost certain it will outlive me.

Enjoy it man!

The Nighthawk intrigues me because it has a standard seating position. How is the seat height compared to the TW and Rebel?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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