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hand made exhaust.

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hey forum,

after looking at more than a thousand exhausts, i finally made up my mind.. i'm going to make my own exhaust. and here comes the reason for this post -----> i have no idea what kind of dimensions i should/could use to make the exhaust good/better for my performance

the things i do know is that i would like it to be a slip on; and slip directly to the downpipe so that it will stay within my frame just behind/next to the rear wheel..

so here the question--> is it doable; should/can i make it a hollow pipe or use packing; what kind of packing should i use; and what type of matterial should i use...?
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thanks dudes,

you just spiked my motivation! =]

I will begin and make a nice diary about it for this forum!

(realy like those scrambler pipes on your bike mr.silverhead as for the rest of the bike....... job well done!)

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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