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Head gaskets

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When I was much younger, dumber and poorer, I didn't know you were not supposed to reuse head gaskets. I did on several different engines, from a Model A Ford, a flat head Ford V-8, multiple Briggs and Stratton engines, some 2 stroke outboards and probably others I have forgotten about, and never to my knowledge did it cause any problems.

So......has anyone reused the head gasket on their TW? If so, did you experience any problems after doing it?
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I'll reuse an easy gasket to replace now and then but........ I'll spend the $10.00 for a new one first then to take a chance on the old base gasket leaking and having to tear the engine apart again.

It's a 2-4 hour operation to replace the lil bugger.

The dreaded base gasket leak on our bikes show that a subpar gasket will leak.
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