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Not that this hasnt been done and covered on here somewhere in the past, but in my neverending quest to make the TW even quieter, i decided to wrap the header pipe and to dismantle and repack the muffler. After partially buggering up the phillips screw that holds on the end on, i decided to get serious and take it off the bike. One wood screw to fasten solidly to the side of my bench, a little tap and turn with a hammer and screwdriver, and she was out. I wish i did something with a picture hosting site since photobucket dropped the ball but i havent. Took a pic of the spark arrestor (its only about five or six inches long), and it slides into an inner two-ish inch diameter tube that sits inside the outer tube which is the visible outer chamber. There was no baffle material in the inner chamber but in the interest of science i decided to put a half thickness of material in one wrap around the spark arrestor. Im sure many will say that i should have left it alone as it was already designed to run without any restrictions, but im never one to leave well enough alone.

Next was the header wrap. Pretty straight forward, remove from bike, remove shields, and clean the exterior surface. Do a dry run to determine how much material you will need, add a little extra and trim. Wear gloves and maybe two teeshirts as that stuff is just straight fiberglass splinters. Soak the cloth in water and start wrapping. All in all pretty straight forward.
Total expenditure for this little project was just around $20. I bought the baffle material for another bike that actually needed to be repacked, so in reallity it cost about $10 for the cloth wrap. Now for the results! In all honesty the net gain in noise reduction was about 0% as far as i can tell. No noticeable loss of power due to the added baffle material, but no gain in noise reduction either. If i was motivated i could mess with ever increasing amounts of baffle to see if i could get enough in there to quiet without losing too much power, but like i said im not that motivated. So all in all i got a cool titanium colored cloth header out of the deal for only ten bucks and a
little time and fiberglass splinters.
Hope this helps someone who may or may not have been interested in either of these mods.
And as always thanks LT!
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