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Heated Gloves power usage

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I am looking at a pair of these gloves by Powerlet,

My link

My link .

They draw 24 watts of power for the pair and was wandering if I can use them with the TW?

It was -15C today.

Thanks for the help.
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It's a 2006. If I ride with a voltmeter attached will it tell me how much extra watts I have, before I purchase the gloves and install them?

I believe the temperature controller has 5 settings and an on/off. Would I be safe to assume that the listed power usage on the gloves, the 24 watt draw, would be at max settings or do you think it would be consistent?

The lower settings should draw less power. Using them on 2 or 3 should be well under the max 24 watts. maybe 12 or so?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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