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Help! I need parts for my TW and have no clue where to buy them

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I have a TW 1989, I urgently need parts for my bike, In Mexico is very hard to get any motorcycle part even if it is a very popular one, and the TW´s part have been impossible to find.

Could anyone please share a parts store contact where i can buy tires, brakes, carburator, etc, for reasonable prices?


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I would like to buy them from a store in the states (and btw the part don´t need to be original)and ship them to LA.

If you buy in mexico is crazy, they will ask for 250 usd plus shiping for the rear tire and 100 us for the spoket

I know it is cheaper to buy in the states and i have it all figured out to bring the parts.

Please recomend a store in the states.
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THANKS! Procycle is so cool i got what i needed awesome!!!
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