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I finally found a TW200 fixer upper bike. My goal is occasional street used and puttering around trails with my 6 year old on his CRF50. I just got the bike 2 days ago. Its missing some parts and has not run in a while. I tinkered a bit and got it running but it would not rev and the need/seat are stuck. So I took it apart and found the usual nasty chalky stuff in the carb. I also found a wierd screw in the float bowl (see picture below). This is a California bike and my 1st guess is someone is defeating the smog/charcoal cannister system, can anybody please confirm.

thanks from newbie Daron

My parts need lists

  1. Left peg and mount bracket
  2. Gear Shift
  3. Stock Mirrors
  4. Rear plastic fender assembly,(pref black)
  5. Sprockets and chain (I have none)
  6. Front sprocket retaining washer
  7. 1 rear spoke
  8. Chain Guard

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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