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Hallo fellow tdub fans, :cool:

I have a noisy starter (1996 model), making a terrible grinding sound when I crank the engine. After reading a few threads on our forum it could be one (or more) of the following:
1. Poor grounding,
2. Tired battery,
3. Faulty wiring,
4. Starter clutch,
5. Starter idler gear No.2.

Number 1 and 2 can be tested easily (feel free to share how you guys test good grounding?).
I'll spend some time on nr.3 to make sure the wiring is correct according to the manual (Looking at the starter gear, should it be turning clockwise or counter clockwise?).
Sadly, I'm lost with nr 4 and 5 which is also the most expensive replacement parts. They looked fine to me, however nr.5 had about 1mm play along the shaft AFTER I torqued everything to spec (it this normal).

All advise and guidance welcome and greatly appreciated.
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