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Help quick air filter question

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Hi, just changed oil my first time, replaced battery and cleaned air filter but I have this stuff ( No-Toil Rim Grease) that I believe you are supposed to put around base of air filter (a bead for sealing) but not sure fully where it goes and my guy friend you usually helps me is out of town. Any quick advice?

Thanks Mtn Girl
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These guys are right. That rim grease is to apply to the rim of a different shaped filter to help seal it. I used it on my MX bike for a little while (my filter looked identical to the one in the pic above), but found it unnecessary and quit using's just extra mess and my top end looked just as spotless at each rebuild with or without out it.

I do use the NoToil oil still, even on my K&N. Cleaning filters after every ride on my MX bike it was a Godsend.

On the TW it's still easier, and you don't have to handle any harsh cleaners or motor oil for your filter.

You can just wash your filter in a sink full of water (even the kitchen sink when you're wife isn't home). It's all non-toxic....

Good bunch of folks over at NoToil. I've called them a few times over the years and always got great service.
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