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Help Removing Triple Tree

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I am having trouble removing my triple trees. Cant break them loose. Any tips, tricks or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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It happens. Rubber mallet and penetrating oil usually solves it.
With the steering stop holding the triple tree from moving all I did was remove the center triple clamp nut and drop out the tree from the frame. I did use a 1/2" drive breaker bar and socket. Get a long handle on the breaker bar for leverage. Are you doing the BW triple tree for a fat front tire?
Are the forks stuck? Remove the cinch bolts completely, place a cold chisel in the slot, tap gently.

Is the chrome-headed bolt stuck? Big 6-point socket and a hand impact--trying to use a breaker bar can break fork stops and/or bend handlebars.

Funky looking nut that loocks like a sprocket stuck? Steel bar and hammer.

Bolt and nut off and lower won't drop out? Thread chrome-headed bolt finger tight, back of 1 turn, place 2x4 on edge on bolt, smack 2x4 with hammer. Loosen bolt 1 turn, smack 2x4 with hammer. May need to repeat a couple times to get over the tight spot. Be careful not to back the bolt out so far that smacking with a hammer damages the threads.
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Thanks for the responses guys. A bit of PB Blaster, crescent wrench, rubber mallet, and more force than I was comfortable with at first broke them free. Thanks!

I am not doing a fat wheel mod, just removing them for powdercoat. I am hollow-modding my '98. Hopefully this week I will spend the time to start my rebuild thread.

Thanks again, this forum rocks!
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