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Most likely scenario for any bike with a load-sensive flasher if only one side fails to flash (it needs the load of at least two bulbs to operate the flasher):

If your left rear sig is on but not flashing your left front bulb is out, and vice versa. What you're seeing lit up front is the left running light section of the 1157 bulb, not the signal..

Swap the bulbs from the right front into the left and if the problem switches sides go get another bulb. If not, it's a wiring problem.

If not go over your connectors behind the fairing. Most likely the sig connectors have come loose or have become corroded.

Rear signals only have one lighting filament (1156). Fronts have 2, one for the running lights and one for the signal and there are 2 lights within 1 bulb..

The running lights will be on any time the key is on, so it's easy to mistake them for the signals (except for '87 TW's which have no running light feature and use 1156 bulbs front and rear).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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