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I've ridden large displacement Japanese bikes for many years. I put over 20,000 miles on a Suzuki GS 1100G with a Pacifico fairing, traded it for a BMN R80 GS (big mistake!) then sold the BMW and bought a red Kawasaki Concours. I covered over 30,000 miles on that in less than two years. Fast forward: while I was living in Tucson, I rode a KLR 650, maybe the best single bike to own. Sold that. Later picked up a Honda NT 650 Hawk. Got hit head on by a speeding truck near Sedona. Haven't owned, or even though about owning, a bike since. In March of 2009, I bought a new Yamaha C3 scooter for commuting. It's been great fun! But now I want to move up. To what, I ask myself. Another KLR 650? Possible, but I'm not sure I want that much bike. How about the TW 200? Seems like it might be perfect for how I ride now: commuting, the occasional jaunt out into the country to take pictures and in the summer trailering it to Colorado and exploring the high country, especially the San Juans in the SW part of the state.

What do you think? Would a stock TW work for this kind of riding?

Second question: can anyone recommend a dealer in the Michigan area, including Ohio and Indiana, who might be easy to work with?

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