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HID and LED light photos

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I have had many requests to post photos of the lights, so here they are. Disclaimers: 1. My camera is not the best quality and does not truely do justice to the visibility of the lights. 2. I can see from my photos that I need to adjust the leds out to the side a little more--it will create more lateral light and reduce the bright spot in the middle. I simply aimed them to one commom center spot when I set them up. 3. bike is on side stand.

Hid headlight is a 35w 4300K servo activated hi/lo beam type recommended by qwerty

LED lights are ADV Monster brand model 44

All lights are switched and the leds are on a wireless key fob dimmer switch with on off as well.

No light


HID high beam


HID low beam


LED only



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Any legal issues with the headlight and leds on? Anyone know?

Dimmer added for on-road night time use. No problems so far. No flashes from other drivers and plenty of contact with law enforcement with lights on about 3/4 up as aimed in the photos. For on-road only, the model 30 should be used. They are spot lights and focus the light narrowly down the road. I chose the model 44 which are floods because I ride both on and off road.
Do you have a photo of the lights themselves? I can't really imagine what they would look like when installed.

Quite a nice modification though.

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