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HID and LED light photos

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I have had many requests to post photos of the lights, so here they are. Disclaimers: 1. My camera is not the best quality and does not truely do justice to the visibility of the lights. 2. I can see from my photos that I need to adjust the leds out to the side a little more--it will create more lateral light and reduce the bright spot in the middle. I simply aimed them to one commom center spot when I set them up. 3. bike is on side stand.

Hid headlight is a 35w 4300K servo activated hi/lo beam type recommended by qwerty

LED lights are ADV Monster brand model 44

All lights are switched and the leds are on a wireless key fob dimmer switch with on off as well.

No light


HID high beam


HID low beam


LED only



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Thanks! Ive been wanting to see the output on the 44's for some time. I might have to snatch up a pare of those.
YES the 44's will blind anything coming from the other direction. The light output is everywhere! Not just down and narrow like the stock headlight.
Just finished putting in the HID tuesday. Man they make a huge difference especially on the high beam. Hope to get a pair of leds here soon.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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