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I don't know how many of you guys enjoy working on bikes other than the TW, but I just spent a good three hours speeding through this guy's customization job. He shows everything from engine tweeking, to body work, to custom fabrication (which is what got me interested). It's funny to see even guys who do this all the time underestimate how long a custom job will take. I think he expected this to be a couple of months or so (4-5 episodes), but it turned into almost half a year (well over 25 episodes).

While I tend to set my view speed at 2x, I spent more time fast forwarding to the fiberglass sections of his stuff. But regardless, I thing y'all will find his videos are informative, fun, and the guy is brilliant at customizing fiberglass. Check it out his"]"Hack-A-Week"[/video] site.
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