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Up for grabs is a 1984 Honda XR500R.

This bike is street legal and in excellent condition.

It started off as a dirtbike but was converted to a street legal dual sport by the previous owner. The turn signals and brake light work properly. The bike kicks over on the third kick when cold and first kick when warmed up. (Kick only). It has a Clarke plastic tank, Acerbis handguards and the seat/plastics are in excellent shape. The bike runs and rides great, shifts and stops just like it should. The engine purrs, brakes are in good shape, the choke works, there is no rust or damage and the suspension is taut.

THE (not so) BAD:
The back tire is pretty well worn and will need replacing soon. The headlight bulb hasn't worked since I bought it. Likely just a bad bulb. The chain has some surface rust but has no binding and does NOT need to be replaced at this time (sprockets are good). I'll soon be replacing the rear tire and headlight bulb as I will continue to use this bike this season until it sells.

The bike has a California title in the previous owners name. It is signed and notarized and ready for transfer. It DOES NOT say "For off road use only" anywhere on the title. It IS a proper street title. I may register the bike in Pa this season depending on how long I have it. The bike is lightweight, not too tall. Very similar in size/weight to a DR350. The mileage is unknown because there is only a speedo with a trip meter, no odometer (remember, started off as a dirtbike). Based on what the previous owner told me and the overall excellent condition of the bike, I'd say the mileage is pretty low for a 30 year old bike. But of course, there's no way to prove it.

The bike is located in either Milford, Pa or Liberty, NY.

I would like to get around $1600 for it. Offers are welcome. Trades for other dual sports, street bikes or just about anything of value will be considered but cash talks.

Call/text 845-674-6570 for quickest response or send a pm.

And here are some pics taken after today's ride (3/30/2014).

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