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How do I change the front sprocket?

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I just got my JT new front sprocket, but how do I put it on? I havn't even looked at it yet, I'm just trying to get some ideas on how to do it more easily. Also, what type of oil do you guys use? The guy at the local Yamaha dealership said that you didn't have to use the more expensive Yamalube. Is this fine for them?
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You need to take off the left side engine cover. Some drain the oil while others have laid their bike over so they don't have to do an oil change. Be very careful when taking off the cover so you don't rip the gasket. I buy a new gasket when I change my front sprocket. The cover should come right off, but remember, the stator is in there which is magnetized and it may take a gentle tug to get the cover off.

When the cover comes off, there will be some wires coming out of it. I zip tie the engine cover to the frame near the passenger peg.

There should be two small bolts holder on a keeper, which holds on the sprocket. Take off the two bolts, turn the holder and take it off and the sprocket will slide right out.

When putting the cover back on, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT PINCH THE WIRES!

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