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How does this go back in?

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I am changing bars and the (don't know what it's called) came out of the clutch lever housing and now it won't stay back in. It has a square boss on it that I am aligning with the groove in the housing but if it's supposed to catch on something to stay in, it isn't. I don't see anything about it in the service manual. What is it and did I break it?

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For future reference they can be removed easily by pressing in the tabs through the "windows" in the perch.

Some dig them, some ditch them.
Late model (post-01) safety and brake switches have a bigger barrel than early switches. They both look pretty much the same but they aren't interchangable, they won't fit into your clutch or brake perches. Make sure the number for the old styles are not superceded to new style switches.

There's a rectangular window or slot that the little "ears" lock into, as Rainman described. They only fit one way. To remove them you depress the tabs through the window window something like a small screwdriver and they slip right out.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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