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Just curious... :playful:

54 years for me and have loved every minute of it. I still get the same smile on my face every time I ride one just like I did 54 years ago...

I actually used to start up and ride my dad's Cushman scooter when he was called away to sea duty for months at a time when I was 10, but we won't count that or tell my dad, okay? ;)


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A mere 42 years - passed my test in 1976, so probably another year needs to be added to that

Experience = hours in the saddle + terrain variety - you can make up your own mind about that ..... ;)

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47 years.
I shared some of a recently revived bike with my upcoming Pine Barrens 500 brethren the other day.

When I got to take this bike for it's first ever in a long time ride last Wednesday it still had a bad 27 year old rear tire (changed now), a bad worn-out chain (not changed but soon), broken mirrors, frayed clutch cable, etc.
But it was well enough to kick-over and kick-ass.

It was the same smile, thrill and a little bit of fear I had in 1972, jumping on an old 2-stroke Wards Riverside 125, trying to figure out what the hell the salesman meant by "it's easy kid, 1 down & 3 up".


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Dad got me a Suzuki 50 for my 5th birthday in 1979. Then a 70 a year later. YZ 80 when I was 10. Honda Fat Cat at 15. Nothing between 19-28. KLR 250 29-36. Nothing until I got the TW in July. So off and on 39 years. I'll never be without 2 wheels again.

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Started out at age 14 with Cushman scooter, then to a Harley 165, then an Indian Chief. So many different ones to date. I have accumulated in excess of 250000 miles on 2 wheels. Total years with bikes --- 64 years.
Note: I have walked a few miles because of those bikes also!

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When I was 14 yrs old back in 1965..Sooo 53 years ago.. I got my first bike from Mom and Dad. It was a brand new Honda 50 cc Cub a friend of dads had just won on a "Punch Board".

It appeared in my Hospital Room after having 3 operations during 45 days spent there ( and loosing over 40# ) while tring to survive the effects of a burst appendix ...

My Dr's ( twins) had it sterilized and brought it into my room. The " combined idea " was to get me "Fighting" and wanting to get out of there and on that bike.

It worked, as I'm still riding at 67 yrs. old and will hopefully still be doing so for some time yet ?

I have actually owned one or more during that whole time.. I even had a 350 Kawasaki Avenger in storage in San Diego while on 2 Cruises to Vietnam on a Destroyer.

If the Truth be Known, I think the bikes I have presently, and the ammino-suppressant the VA currently has me on, are are 2 of the Main Reasons I'm still surviving Lung Cancer following completion of Radiation and Chemo. earlier this year.

Gene Carroll aka: excalibur

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I started with a free mini bike I fixed up at around 9 or 10 with the help from the guys at my highway department. Engine came from a salt/sand spreader. 66 now so I guess that makes 56 years on motorized 2 wheelers.


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I rode my first bike one summer at the lake it was a friends 80 Yamaha with 4 gears all down as I recall (or maybe all up....not sure now). Anyways I didn't have any kind of license and I was not quite 16 at the time. Although I did often drive some friends bikes in my later teens I didn't get my own bike until I was 22, a Yamaha 1970 DT250, that bike was a tank and would climb just about any hill barely off of idle with tons of low end torque for a 250.

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About 15 Dad brought home a beat up 90cc Suzuki street bike do I could 鈥渓earn鈥 to be a mechanic (like him). It KILLED me staring at that thing, needing parts and labor, for a thousand years! Ok seemed like it but maybe a few months. Finally Dad helped me and... it started up! We had some license plate from a different make of motorcycle. Legally, this was a 鈥榤otor-driven cycle鈥, <150 cc, which needed plates starting with 鈥淟鈥, but the cops stopped me ONCE getting buffeted around by semi鈥檚 on the Interstate, but before 16 (no license) I took it off roading a lot. Still have the scar from tumbling down a concrete embankment where the RR tracks go under I-55 in Chicago.

Now 62, so riding 48 years. I have had:

Suzuki 90 street
Honda QA-50 (2 gear, no-clutch mini)
Bultaco 250 Pursang (NOW we鈥檙e talkin)
Honda MT-250 (CR 250 for street!)
Yamaha IT-400 (made 鈥渟treet legal鈥)
Yamaha IT-400 (made street legal)
Yamaha IT-175 鈥渇or the Mrs鈥
Honda CR 250 ultimate CA dirt machine
Yamaha TW-200 :)))))))))
Yamaha TT-225R 4-stroke joke
Honda XR-100 鈥渋t鈥檚 for the kids鈥
Kawasaki KX-500 - WISH I could still ride
Yamaha TW-200 鈥渇or guests鈥
Yamaha WR-450R street-legal conversion
Yamaha 750 Virago - dumped THAT turd

Maybe more. Only one left is a TW-200, which I ride everywhere! 鈥淚鈥檓 saving gas, honey鈥. I shop groceries with a nice Kelly backpack, and everything else I can.

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