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how often do you overhaul the engine?

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Hi, my 1991 has about 10500 miles on it, it still seems to have plenty of spunk, but how long until I can plan on rebuilding the engine, providingin everthing works right, and it's normal wear?
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Tdub has over 47,000 miles. Runs fine. Good power. Always has used a bit of oil, especially screaming done the highway at 65-70mph drafting SUVs. Uses a bit more oil since my son borrowed her and rode 3 days without checking the oil--got her back and couldn't see anything in the window. That was 31,000 miles ago.
Now she's leaking a bit more oil from the countershaft sprocket area. She's about due for a chain and sprocket set (26,000+ miles on the parts on the bike) and she'll get both seals at the same time. Also some weeping out of the valve covers, she'll get new rings at the next valve check.
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Another succesful user of ester-based synthetic motorcycle oil.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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