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Not sure if any of you have had this problem before or if this topic has been covered before but I have a lot of things for sale on craigslist so I just figured I would share what I found.

Yesterday I had someone or some flagging bots flag one of my craigslist ads 9 times after I kept trying to repost it in different sections of CL (i.e. each time it was deleted i would try to repost it in a different category, i don't run the same ad in multiple categories). Instead of trying to retype the whole thing in a different way so it wouldn't get flagged, I went onto youtube to find a way to beat it and did. If this ever happens I did something similar to what this long boring video below shows but I found an easier way. In short, the flaggers and flagging bots search for certain text in your ad to repeatedly flag it, like phone numbers and things like that which are the same in that ad. After it gets flagged a few times from different IP addresses I think CL automatically deletes it when you try to repost it.

To beat this, first make sure you scramble your photo names in your photobucket account (or similar photo hosting account, there is a button in photobucket settings that will do this for you). Next you want everything in your ad description to be photos. First, type up your ad description in microsoft word. Now go into powerpoint, create a blank slide, add a text box to the slide and copy/paste the text from the description you made in microsoft word into the text box in powerpoint. Now make the text box about the width of a typical CL ad (no wider than the width of the landscape slide on the screen and make the text size about 18 or so, whatever font you like). Now right click on the text box and save it as a jpg picture. Then just upload this picture with your text description to your photobucket and paste the html code into your description box in the craigslist ad and your good. This way the flag bots and craigslist can’t search the text of your description to flag it cause it’s all scrambled photobucket code now.

Note: You don’t have to use powerpoint but you do need to use some type of html editor that will create a photo from text for you. You can download free ones from like NVU which is described in this video below. Just be aware that doing this will probably install a bunch of extra crap you don’t need as well so immediately after you install this program go and uninstall all the extra crap you don’t need aside from the program.
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