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How to check front sproket count?

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OK so i have both a 99 and 09. Bought a week apart. I have been riding the 99 to work the last 2 days and getting comfortable on it. I am waiting for my title to be mailed from the dealership so i can register the 09. While waiting i ordered a 130 main and some shims. Im on the gulf coast so i added 2 shims and the 10 main to the 09. Took it for a ride, and i felt as if it had less power after the mods. Then i began thinking maybe it was just a difference between the 99 and 09. the 99 seemed to have more tourque. Now im thinking all this while riding 09, and at that moment i click into 5th. I thought i was already in 5th so i realise somethings very different. When i get home i check the rear sprockets of both.....Yep the 09 has a 45 and the 99 a 50 tooth.I am really amazed at the difference. Its really like night and day. So now i wonder if he front sproket was changed as well, as this 09 came with the street tries and set up from the dealer as a street bike. I plan to put a few miles on the 09 tomorrow and see how i like it. I like the 50 tooth, so i may get a 47 and 50 to see how i like them. But how do i check the front sproket?
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Most likely they would have changed one or the other but you can check by using a sharpie or whiteout and make a dot on one of the teeth. Lift and spin the tire and count til the dot reappears. Kinda like using the masterlink as a reference point for checking chain length.
I am perfectly happy with the 50t. If it is strictly a street bike then I would go with the 47t to make first gear a little taller.
That's all. 126 link 428 chain
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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