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How to check front sproket count?

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OK so i have both a 99 and 09. Bought a week apart. I have been riding the 99 to work the last 2 days and getting comfortable on it. I am waiting for my title to be mailed from the dealership so i can register the 09. While waiting i ordered a 130 main and some shims. Im on the gulf coast so i added 2 shims and the 10 main to the 09. Took it for a ride, and i felt as if it had less power after the mods. Then i began thinking maybe it was just a difference between the 99 and 09. the 99 seemed to have more tourque. Now im thinking all this while riding 09, and at that moment i click into 5th. I thought i was already in 5th so i realise somethings very different. When i get home i check the rear sprockets of both.....Yep the 09 has a 45 and the 99 a 50 tooth.I am really amazed at the difference. Its really like night and day. So now i wonder if he front sproket was changed as well, as this 09 came with the street tries and set up from the dealer as a street bike. I plan to put a few miles on the 09 tomorrow and see how i like it. I like the 50 tooth, so i may get a 47 and 50 to see how i like them. But how do i check the front sproket?
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Yes, the stock length chain will work for both 47 and 50 tooth rear sprockets. Here is the 47/50 dual sprocket setup that I ran until I switched to 47/55 which requires the addition/deletion of a short chain segment.

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So that's how it looks with the dual set-up Hmmmmm... How much slack do you run on the chain????? Yours appears to be much tighter than mine.. OMM.
I have never actually measured the slack. I have just learned to set it looser than I think it should be and then double check it again after I am sitting on the bike. This process seems to be working for me.

The picture may make it look tighter than it actually is, or the bike may have been in gear and all the slack is on top - don't really know for sure but I definitely run the TW chain looser than any other bike I have owned.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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