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This more for me than anyone else. The Home button (the round button on the front of the device) should be on your right when taking a photo for it to appear right-side-up when e-mailed or posted to the forum. If the Home button is on your left, the photo will appear upside-down. If the Home button is at the top or bottom, the photo will appear sideways.

Basically, iPhone and iPads are digital cameras (among other things). Imagine holding a digital camera sideways or upside-down. The photos will appear that way. It's the same with an iPhone or iPad.

Note that photos will appear right-side-up on the device itself regardless of position. That's because the device senses its position and adjusts the display accordingly, so a photo will appear right-side-up even if it isn't really. It may appear right-side-up in the camera roll as well, even if it isn't really. The orientation matters when photos are posted to the forum as attachments. (This will also happen if you e-mail a photo from an iPhone or iPad.)

Thumbnails of such photos will appear in the wrong orientation because forum software is not designed to manipulate and re-orient photos. If you click on a thumbnail, your web browser may or may not display the full-sized version in the correct orientation.

If you have already taken photos that do not appear right-side-up in e-mails or in thumbnails when posting them as attachments on the forum, there is a simple way to fix them. E-mail them to yourself and save them on a computer. Open the photo with graphics/imaging/photo software, such as Photoshop, and save it. No manipulation should be needed. Just open and save. The photo will now appear right-side-up in e-mails and in the thumbnails of attachments on the forum.
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