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I'm having a hard time putting miles on mine... After buying the bike and helmet I learned that I need a motorcycle specific license for NC. I made an appointment at the DMV, but they are booked out all the way through November. So, legally, I have to wait 6 weeks to take the motorcycle driving exam before I can drive it on the country roads around my home. There is a 2 mile long gravel road that my neighbors live on. I'm pretty sure they are tired of watching me and my young daughters running up and down their 2 mile long driveway over and over again.

I've had it a week and I've only got 30 miles on it. 15 trips down that same gravel road, at 20mph, is getting old quick. But, my kids love riding on the back with me, and that is a huge plus. I have been thanking God for giving us such a fun way to spend time together. Just me and my girls. One of the neighbors, on that gravel road, has a horse so we take carrots with us on each ride...

Making memories!
I am in NC as well and made an appointment about an hour and a half from me but only a few days out. Keep checking because cancellations happen all the time. Are you doing just the permit test or are you signed up for the road skills test as well? I decided to just get my permit through the DMV and am taking an MSF course later this month. Can take the road skills test at the end of that course and it counts for the full license endorsement.

Congrats on the TW and good luck getting in soon!
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