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I got her home! With a little extra!

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Ok guys, there's nothing pretty special about this bike but I'm so glad I finaly got it home! Here are some pics. Notice the little "extra" I got for free...

And the other... well... it's a bike and have a motor. A little one but still a motor. It need some work but can't complain since it was FREE and came with good PAPERS!

Now I definately got something to play with! ;-)
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If you're the guitar man and have a moped, you might be interested in the book, I See By My Outfit about a couple of guys in the '60s who ride mopeds across the U.S. One of them buys guitars along the way and has them shipped home.

For the rest of you, as far as a motorcycle touring books go, it's not one. Their only reference to riding is one statement to the effect that, "On a nice day is when one most fears death."

On that note, enjoy the ride, er... rides. The longer you keep that thing, the harder it will be to get rid of. The TW, not the kid.
Zen is a must read, though mostly because there are so few motorcycling themed books. My favorite line in that book is the roughly translated Japanese motorcycle manual that said, "To adjust valves, must have peace of mind." That applies to many things in life.

Another outstanding motorcycling book, the one I would recommend if a person could only read one, is The Perfect Vehicle. The author had me in the first chapter when her tears fell into her soup. This is a great book for any rider, but specially female riders or the girl friends and wives of riders.

Good night.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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