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I got her home! With a little extra!

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Ok guys, there's nothing pretty special about this bike but I'm so glad I finaly got it home! Here are some pics. Notice the little "extra" I got for free...

And the other... well... it's a bike and have a motor. A little one but still a motor. It need some work but can't complain since it was FREE and came with good PAPERS!

Now I definately got something to play with! ;-)
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It's a 1975... Made in Italy!
Dang! I bought me an almost new bike in order not to have any kind of wrenching to do on! I just red many posts about the leaking issue. I surely can take care of it myself, but if I could avoid doing it I surely would.

The bike is still under warranty, can I take it to the dealership and ask em to replace the gasket even if it is still not leaking? (I did not find an answer to this question in the previous posts)

Well... I didn't know about the free kid until I opened the cooler!
Thank you Mad Mac! I put that book on my "to read" list.

I'm currently reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" from Robert Pirsig. I recommand this book to anyone who loves traveling, motorcycle, wrenching a bit of phylosophy.
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I bought an old CB360 last summer and had a long talk about motorcycle with the seller. He told me something like : "You know, motorcycling is like AIDS. When you got it in your veins, you're stuck with it for the rest of your life."

I guess it says what it says...
This is some serious sh**!

I don't know why but I already got a bunch of request for the bike. Seems everybody I know what to be the first called when I decide to sell it!
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