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Sometimes I just dazzle myself with my Brillance!

so I have a 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 with V6 engine and auto trans. It was bought new with full maintenance until 24 months or 24K miles. No more free oil changes!

I bought the filter and oil and this should have been a simple job, 30 minutes or less, Right?

Talk about a dumb move, I dumped the tranny fluid! Saw all this crystal clear and very red oil pouring out and immediately knew I screwed up. By the time I got the drain plug back in and a major mess all over the garage floor and down my arm I had dumped 3 quarts of perfectly good tranny fluid.

Now for the rest of this f&[email protected] up. There is no tranny filler tube in the engine compartment. It has to be pumped in from below through a fill hole on the side of the tranny.

By the time I was all done changing the oil and replacing the tranny fluid it took over 3 hours and some fancy fabrication to pump the fluid back in. There is a good side to this story! I won't be making this mistake ever again! There is a bunch of info on google for those who were as stupid as me and uncorked the wrong hole!

I really did want to watch some football but instead was watching the underside of my truck.

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