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Ok, so let's find a good place to camp where there ain't fire, smoke, hurricanes etc. Heck, you can't even sneak over the Canadian border as they got fires there too.

Fires abound all over the PNW and Canada and there is no escaping the smoke. The first trail we started riding got too steep and difficult so we turned around. Next old logging rd we were on ran into Private Property so we turned around. The private property, about 172,000 acres spread out over several counties was bought by the Wilks Brothers of Texas and managed by one of their companies, DF Development from Potlatch Forest Products. Most of their land is gated but this road was not but we turned around just to be safe. Potlatch allowed access to their lands but DF Development does not a bummer. We then were gonna ride down Warm Springs Trail off Packer John Mtn., to eat dinner at Terrace Lakes Resort guessed it, we had to turn around. We were able to ride next to and around several of the washouts but we finally got stopped at one we could not overcome. Riding back through the other washouts wasn't exactly welcomed either but due to the terrain, we had no choice.

Hazy Days of Summer

Stopped at an old logging landing with not so outstanding views of the mountains and valleys

We could barely make out the valley below through all the fire smoke

Found a trail but it got so steep we decided to turn around

After lunch, we decided to explore an old logging road we haven't ridden before. What is with all this orange paint gee-dang-it. Yep, DF Development and the Wilks Brothers from Texas strike again.

Potlatch Forest Products used to own this land and allowed complete access. Last year Potlatch sold 172,000 acres spread out in different nearby counties to the Wilks Brothers from Texas and managed by DF Development (one of their sons runs DFD). They closed it all off and posted No Trespassing signs (orange paint means no trespassing here) except for some Forest Service roads which run through their property. Because of easements, I think they have to keep the roads which are open now, open all the time. We have run into a lot of their property throughout our travels. Sometimes being locked out and sometimes passing through as long as you stay on the road.

Now, I've been madder than Hillary supporters losing the presidential election since we can't ride through most of the land DFD bought, but Mrs. Admiral finally has me calmed down. Then she gets this look in her eyes like "lets go, screw DFD". She's ready to do it.

Even though they don't have the road blocked by a gate, we're pretty sure we understand what DFD's intent is...don't' go through.

So, we do the right thing and turn around.

End of turn arounds right? Wrong!

We decided to mosey our way to the Warm Springs trail (old logging road) down into Crouch, Id for some supper. By golly, we got to pay attention for sure or else. And this ain't even the bad part yet.

Do we have a situation? Well yes we do. Our first major washout on Warm Springs Trail


Well well. This is the actual road route. We(I) could ride on the path next to the washout but what isn't shown in the pictures is a washout just above this washout spanning the entire width of the road. Passable if the Russians were after us but not now.

Luckily, this washout had a go-around. It comes down from the road above at the right side of the picture. This was the easy one.

Crap. The second washout. I walk it to see if it's passable. Barely enough space to ride through if we have too.

I'm not sure if Mrs. Admiral said "screw that, I ain't riding that" or I offered to ride her TW through without her saying anything. We haha, at some point thought it was safe enough for me to ride past it. Both TW's. I'll get a lot of practice with these.

I made it.

We got it made now. Or so we thought. Washout #3. Looks a lot like #2. I ride both TW's through.

So we got tired and didn't take any pictures of Washouts #4 & #5. #5 is the one we couldn't overcome and turned around.

I think we're getting late for supper. This is the cockpit view of me riding through #2 on the way back.

So, we had to backtrack way around to Terrace Lakes for supper, but we made it before dark. We didn't get back to camp before dark though. :rolleyes:

Day 2 to be continue

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Bear Wallow Trail 035

Discovered this trail while camping in the area. I didn't check but the www says the trail is about 8.6 miles long and rated difficult for an ATV. I didn't think it was that hard for an intermediate motorcycle rider like myself and was fun. It's supposed to be a single track trail off the top of this trail somewhere but wasn't aware of this trail until later and didn't see it.

Beginning of the trail. The north starting point is marked here. The southern exit/entrance is not marked but is easily seen right off a logging road. It's just not marked and you may not be aware it's trail 035 if not previously aware. We rode right by this yesterday and I didn't know it.

Just a couple screen shots of the trail from my video

Completed the trail. It was pretty fun

Behind my TW you can see the old access heading up but blocked by a lot to the southern end of the trail. A newer entrance to the trail is right around the corner on the left

The End

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Nice ride Kris. Suspect if I were riding with you folks, you would have got to ferry my bike across those washouts as well. Over the last few years, lots more gates have been erected on old logging roads around here. Given the damage caused from wheeled traffic and runoff it is hard (for me) to get to pissed with property owners. Four wheelers with dual transfer cases and tall tires can really chew-up a dirt road in winter. Boy howdy, dry forests and fire. Live in a substantial mountain community, and vegetation here is soooo dry. Should a rogue flame make it into the brush with even a slightest of breezes, I fear it would be catastrophic. Well on the upside, looks like you folks are well prepared for the next 'Fred ride'. ;)
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