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In a previous thread i posted about an ebay "buy now" where you get a complete power adapt kit for about $20 bucks.

it included a female socket with cap, connector rubber like vinyl boot, 42 in. fused wiring harness and a black rubber socket mount

Although Im not exactly thrilled with the mount as the outlet is only pressed in and not permanently attached, the seller offered to switch it out for something else he had but i got lazy, figured it worked good enough for now and installed as purchased.

The wire harness couldn't have been a more perfect length.

Total time was 20 minutes to install and cost 20 bucks. Why cant all bike mods be this easy?

removed the seat and tank, total 3 bolts and two fuel hoses (once for the cali tank)

routed wires along side of existing bike harness using the stock wire holders and ties - assume a preschooler could have done this. (i have since rerounted the wire UNDER the frame)

tried a few places on the bar, including front and rear, left and right. finally selected this one due to it's closeness to the GPS mount. hooked to battery, on the postive side, i managed to slide the connector thru the boot along side of the primary wire so that everything is protected as if it was stock.

that night i was out riding, stopped to make a call... phone battery dead. got charge from trunk, put the phone in a place so it woudnt fall while it charged enough to turn on... few minutes later, phone call made, and back on road.

guess in need one more ram mount on the bar! Now thinking about how to place one in the trunk to charge items that I dont want hanging from the bar.

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An outlet in the trunk would be a good idea.
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