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I have repaired my carnage. Here are the pictures. I am back on the road.

Burn 1.jpg



After lighting my bag on fire and melting my fender, I ordered the exact bags in again, bought a heat shield, and a new fender.

The header wrap was a good idea in Wild E. Coyote using rocket powered skates. Do not use header wrap on the muffler. It does alright by the oil cooler lines, but that is about as much of it as I care to use.

My buddy Butch took a scrap piece of steel lattice that I used to fence in my porch and welded tabs on it. We bent it around the muffler, but under the fender. We then added the heat shield. Re-assembled and I will let you know how it works. These bags with this bracket looks like a package made for the bike. MBW

I bought decals when I bought a new fender. Waste of money. I hate stickers. I love the clean look of my new fender.

With hindsight being 20/20 I should not have bought a new fender. The stickers were really stupid, but I think I felt like punishing myself. I later snipped off the burnt part of the fender. With the bags, bracket, and heat shield, you would never know about the fire. The real cost of this experience could have been less than $50.00 if I would have kept my cool, but I lit up...ironically in front of the Yamaha dealer.

The heat shield was $50.00. DRYSPEC
Bags...again were $50.00. Sears.

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Wow what a stomach dropping experience. Looks like lightning hit your bag.
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