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So, went through the Burger King again today and there it was again, a TW parked in the back. I regretted last week not leaving a note on the guys bike to see if it was someone from the forum, so today I asked the person at the drive through who it belonged to, she say's thats Ray's bike and went to go get him. We ended up clogging up the drive through for a couple minutes as we talked about our TW's. He was not a member and had never heard of the TW200forum, but he promised to go look and see. Nice kid, said he has had that bike for 7 or 8 years and gets asked about it all the time. I invited him to join the forum and told him he would be impressed with all he could do with his TW. I will check back with him next time I go through BK. Always cool to see them around town. I only know of one other member in town. Mr. Steven Mark Lay.
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