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I'm thinking of getting a tw for a future project and modding it out street tracker style, or I guess 'japan' style, hehe.

I love the look, not too concerned with making it fast, I just want a clean, sharp looking bike.

Several of these pictures are very appealing to me: (sorry, dunno how to post actual pictures) 12/post 13/tw200_4_1.jpg.html?src=www 12/post 13/Yamaha-TW-01.jpg.html?src=www

Anyways, I'm sure you all have seen just about all of these and more but this is the type look I'm going for. I'm getting ideas from all kinds of photos and dreaming up a machine.

This will be my first bike and I know you can still find older tw's for around $2000. I plan to go this route and upgrade over time. It will be a slow build and mod proccess due to money but eventually I'd like it to be what I want.

Here's a short list of things I will be looking for:

2005 and up Yamaha TW200

Shorter Tracker Style seat (seen in several photos)

Round headlight

New lower profile braking lights and signals

New exhaust (underneath) 

Longer swingarm

Tracker style handlebars

Gearing change for higher road speed

Maybe a slightly larger gas tank

And other minor upgrades such as gauges etc...

I've spent some time today looking through this site:

Has anyone ordered from this site or is it even possible? I noticed on the pricing of parts it list the US dollar conversion, does that mean they ship to the USA? Is shipping so much it's not worth it? I'm clueless on this stuff!

I know I've seen members rides here and on other forums with the special seats and headlights and pipes and such so I'm just wondering how they went about aquiring these parts.

Sorry for all the questions. I'm curious how easy/hard it's going to be to build up a dream bike of mine or if I'm in way over my head cost and maintenance wise.

Thanks. Sorry for rambling on, it's late and time for bed.

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Regards posting pics... If you already have a link that ends in --- .jpg you're almost there!

- Copy the link to your paste buffer by wiping through it, and hitting CTRL-C on your keyboard. It will look like nothing has happened, but don't worry, it has copied the link.

- Now in the forum, click the icon in your posting tool that looks like a picture (it's the one between the chain and the envelope). You will see "Image URL" is highlighted. Now simply hit CTRL-V and your copied link will be pasted there.

- Finally, click the Insert Image button. (You still will not see a picture, but will see the link set off by the img on and off HTML code (in square brackets)

- To check if it worked, click the Preview Post button next to the Add Reply button. If it did, then click the Add Reply button.

Your first and last links already had what was needed except you didn't insert them as an image...see?

This one was pretty easy to get...

and this was too...


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Thank you. I'm doing all of this from an iPhone that is displaying the mobile version of this site, there aren't many options listed.

Thanks for the instructions.

What? We gots mobile??? Wow!
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