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Had a bear run across the road in front of me last year. Got it on camera but it's way to far away in the recording for ya'll to see what it was. Played in slowmo all you see is a black dot sort of. With the natural eye it was pretty close and cool.

You could see the bear pretty good in this one so I know it was pretty close with the natural eye. Thanks for sharing.

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That's what my Niece said after seeing a Black Bear while riding on our property 3 miles west of the Watkins Glen race track.

I have had some acquaintance with black bears. In the Adirondacks - where, when I was a kid, we used to take our three-week summer vacations.

A lot of things going on there. My old man, a bookish engineer, had trifled with the out-of-doors on and off all his life. He nearly became a Mining Engineer; he applied to the School of Mines in Colorado. Instead, he opted to use his GI Bill at an Ivy League school.

But he did some fishing and canoeing when he was young and before I arrived. And...that three-week period up near Blue Mountain Lake.

There were two salient features to those times. First, was the new **HOME MOVIE CAMERA** offered by Bell & Howell. Super 8 with no sound. Then...there were DUMPS.

Not landfills. Those came about ten years later. These were open DUMPS. Once a month the town dump custodian would set fire to it, and stand by with his little Cat dozer ready to push over any pile that looked likely to spread fire to the surrounding woods.

Dumps. And, not much plastic. Everything was paper, food or glass.

And the bears LOVED It.

They'd amble into the dump for dinner at around an hour before sunset. That would be when we'd make our garbage run. And my old man got the camera out, this one summer...the Three Bears were chowing down; and he got out of the old Rambler and wandered in for a close-up. Keep in zoom lenses in those days, at least not on cheap home-movie equipment.

Mister Bear didn't like having his dinner disturbed by this creature with a thing growing out of his face. So; he arose from his table-pile...and gave chase.

I think that was the fastest I'd ever seen my father move. I know it was the last time he tried to make bears into movie stars...
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