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I went poodling over the hill

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Today to get some groceries. The TW did surprisingly well considering that this pass rises to about 3500 feet in about ten miles.

Then as I came out from between the rows of ironwood trees and into the open mountain side, cactus began to appear on the side of the road.

Prickley pear cactus. Do to the last couple of days being rainy, there were many new large buds popping out of the paddles.

After shopping and on the way home, I stopped when I saw one that was a nice ripe maroon color. It was about the size of a raquet ball and near the side of the road. I stopped and picked it.

At home I peeled it and put it into the refrigerator after sampling a slice. It looks inside when peeled, like a purple Kiwi fruit and is about the same texture. Taste was good but a little less sweet than a Kiwi.

Those of you lucky enough to ride deserts and other places where cactus grow wild, ought to know why botanically they are called succulents. These things have graced many a cowboys outdoor dinner on the range and long been something I like to eat.

BTW peel the skin to remove some really tiny needles that could make your dinning experience less pleasurable.

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Nice, the perfect bike for Hawaii. Who needs to go faster than 60 in paradise.
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