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Ignitech Programmable DC-CDI

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Have been emailing back and forth with Ignitech in the Czech Republic regarding a replacement CDI for my bike...

"Yes - we can make unit DCCDIP for this bike.

Unit we can prepare with same connector s as original unit. You will only

have to connect one more wire from ignition to +12V key switched."

Gotta leave town for a couple weeks for work, but hope to have one on my doorstep by the time I return. If anyone else is interested, shoot them an email ( [email protected] ). If your bike is a stock 87, or 88-97 they can ship you out a CDI that you plug into the stock connectors, connect one switched +12v wire and you are good to go. Double check with them regarding connectors for an '87 though.

Unfortunately I am on my fourth conglomeration of an ignition system, so mine is a little messed up and I'll have to use different connectors... Mine is a cross between a 1991 and a 1998 system, and it still looks like this will be the easiest ignition system i have ever converted to
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To clarify a little bit, this is a CDI that is powered by the battery in your bike, rather than the coil of wire inside your engine that is expensive and prone to go bad. Can kill two birds with one stone, here.
$175 for the programmable version at current exchange rate. Looks like $87 for the non-programmable version. That is the price with 20% "Value Added Tax" which I am not sure if we would have to pay or not, but figured I'd include it. So basically those are max prices without shipping. Without VAT it would be $146 / $73 respectively, plus shipping.
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Sorry for the delay, been flying all day, just hit denver

You program it with a laptop/pc... hit up their site, you can download the programming software for free to check it out
just got the invoice and paid it. 160 euros = 201 US dollars shipped for a CDI that will plug into the stock harness, and let you program it
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I am 1900 miles away from home right now... Will be home this coming Saturday but not sure if the CDI will be there or not........???????????????

It's killing me too, man
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Yes, wish I was home.....

Have heard great things about Ignitech's customer service and responsiveness. I've been emailing them for 3 days straight trying to get an answer on when this thing will ship and they haven't gotten back to me. Have a friend in the Czech Republic that is going to call them for me tomorrow and yell at them in their native tongue.

Here, have a picture from the mountains yesterday, since this thread is distinctly lacking in actual ignition pics/installation/info

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They got back to me by email today, it should ship August 6.

Have another picture of a beautiful road that i really want to drive something other than a rental car on

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Well, it took a (long) while, but just got shipping notification this morning. It could take up to two weeks to get here still. But then again, when you are having a shop that builds race ducati ignitions make you a customized pandoras box.... Patience is a virtue, right?


The best way to troubleshoot these stupid things is to find someone with a bike in the same year range and then swap the cdi units to see if the problem stays with the bike or follows the CDI.
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It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but never showed up
Hoping for today, but never have anything but problems with DHL...
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Joel at DHL says they only deliver to my area on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Should have it today
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DHL got the package from Eastern Europe to a warehouse 4hrs away from me in less than three days. Now they have been holding it hostage since then, and today when I called they have apparently "lost" the package.

Don't use DHL.........
Tried to post from my phone last night but it didn't go through.

DHL Callcenter got so sick of talking to me that they launched a full scale worldwide code adam manhunt for the missing ignition, and managed to get it delivered by 5:30pm. They still couldn't find the address, I had to guide the delivery driver there by phone. Except there was no guiding, he was standing outside. Can't fault him too much, the CDI he was carrying probably has a higher IQ than he does.

Will update with pics/install info probably tomorrow or some time this weekend. Have to be up in the woods tonight after work to have a load of gravel delivered and then do some more work on the road to our new palace
Gotta be moved out of current place by Sep1 so time is not in my favor.
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Yes, thanks very much Mike

Got the Ignitech Sparker DC-CDI "installed" last night. I use the word "installed" quite loosely here, because all I had to do was plug it in, and hook one wire into a switched +12v source!

They had all the connectors on it already to plug into the stock harness. These connectors will work for a 1988-2000 TW200. (1998-2000 bikes have different connector on CDI, but there is a pigtail thing that hooks it into the same harness connectors as on a pre2000 bike). All I did was snap a couple of quick pics to send to them and tell them what wires did what, they did the rest.

For the switched +12v I used the tail light wire. Made a "pigtail" that let me plug right into the stock harness at the tail light wire bullet connector.

Here is one of the pics I sent to ignitech so they could get the wiring/connectors setup

The yellow, brown, and red wires from TW200 main harness will not be used. These are the wires for the "source coil" on the stator which we are eliminating with this DC powered CDI setup.

Here is the Ignitech CDI connected to TW200 main harness. It is just "plug and play" except that red wire...

And a better shot

That's... all there is to it, folks. I rode it around the yard with the gas tank not bolted down and the side plastics/rear fender not installed. The CDI still has the "base programming" which I believe is just 10* static advance, no "curve" to speak of.

Need to find a USB->Serial converter and then I can change the settings and see how it rips. Right now it idles/runs fine, just lacking on power which is hopefully due to the base map in the ignition, but may also be because my bike burns more oil than a 2stroke and the rings are probably shot.

Let me know if you have any questions
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Yeah I hear ya. I also just bought a DRZ400 which is e-start only and did not like the idea of it at all. Looks like I'm joining the ranks of people with modern machines or some nonsense like that.

Honestly we were debating the functionality of kickstart without battery this morning. I am not sure if it will work still, but there is a possibility that this thing is really low draw, and just kicking the bike over will feed enough juice to the battery to get it going. We'll see I guess -- they say you need a "functional battery" so maybe it really does, I dunno.

Otherwise, I built some jumper cables last night to get it started off the DRZ, so if it comes down to it i'll just hook up to jontow's bike?
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Kinda wonder if people back in the 1930's were as concerned when they lost the hand crank on their ford...?
Kinda wonder if people back in the 1930's were as concerned when they lost the hand crank on their ford...?

1) your username is quite apt, isn't it?

B.: yeah probably. I'll have a hard time letting go of my ability to kickstart the bike even with a dead battery. It really is a handy thing to have if you.. say... do stupid stuff like leave your key on when you get off the bike and go for a walk 8D
Kevin: Your 87 had a CDI that was powered by a coil inside the motor generating electricity. When you were kicking it, it was feeding power to the CDI so that it could generate a spark...

This new CDI I have installed is powered only by the battery.

On that note, I installed a battery tender pigtail this morning as a result of this discussion

Also, jontow found his USB-Serial cable converter for me, so I can start playing with the timing settings.
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Mike: I really like that idea. I have a kickstarter so it doesn't even have to turn the starter. Was planning to put in a "blackout switch" anyway that kills all the lights. This seems to go hand-in-hand with a backup starting battery if needed. I know a guy with a bunch of relatively small computer UPS batteries that may work out wonderfully for this. Just bring it along if headed way out into the boonies alone, they don't weigh a ton and it is cheap insurance.

Retrofit: It is my personal opinion that your stance on 4WD only works in a not heavily modified vehicle. My toyota is built to the point where it can go most anywhere in 2WD (locked rear, big aggressive tires, low gears, flexy suspension) so it eats up the trails that you can go down in 2WD... almost not fun anymore. To get to anywhere REALLY fun, pretty much gotta put it in 4LOW. Can't wait to get the second transfer case installed and a fresh motor swapped in
Nothign quite like being near vertical going up a rock face with all four tires turning at like 2rpm
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