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Ignitech Programmable DC-CDI

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Have been emailing back and forth with Ignitech in the Czech Republic regarding a replacement CDI for my bike...

"Yes - we can make unit DCCDIP for this bike.

Unit we can prepare with same connector s as original unit. You will only

have to connect one more wire from ignition to +12V key switched."

Gotta leave town for a couple weeks for work, but hope to have one on my doorstep by the time I return. If anyone else is interested, shoot them an email ( [email protected] ). If your bike is a stock 87, or 88-97 they can ship you out a CDI that you plug into the stock connectors, connect one switched +12v wire and you are good to go. Double check with them regarding connectors for an '87 though.

Unfortunately I am on my fourth conglomeration of an ignition system, so mine is a little messed up and I'll have to use different connectors... Mine is a cross between a 1991 and a 1998 system, and it still looks like this will be the easiest ignition system i have ever converted to
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Any downside to the non programmable one performance wise?

How bout shipping and timeframe? After my hassle wouldn't mind having a backup one of these days.
Is that the final word? Lost forever or did they send scooby doo to look for it?

Should have told them you are a member of a very dirty motorcycle gang with connections....broadband connections!
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