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It appears to me the service manual diagram for testing the 1987 TW200 ignition circuit cut-off relay is incorrect.

It is obvious from the ignition circuit diagram that the two wires powering this solenoid are the Brown and Sky Blue wires. These connect to the two lower terminals when the connector latch is at the top as shown by the first picture below.

I can get the relay to close by putting +12v power to the lower left terminal and grounding the lower right terminal. The test diagram states the switched terminals should have almost zero ohms resistance continuity when the relay is activated. However, my ohm meter reads -9.16 ohms across the two top terminals when I put 12V power across the lower two with + 12V input to the lower left and ground on the lower right, which is the same as the Brown and Sky Blue wires do when connected. This seems to indicate that power from the lower two terminals is somehow being passed to the switched terminals? There is no conductivity between the top two terminals when there is no power to the lower two terminals.

The following diagnostic test diagram shows putting +12v into the Sky Blue wire terminal and connecting the Blue/Yellow wire terminal to ground?????? I suspect this is in error as it contradicts the ignition circuit diagram I have included further down this page.

TW200 ignition cut-off relay test.JPG

The schematic shows it this way, i.e Brown (+12v) and Sky Blue (ground) across two terminals to activate it.

TW200 Ignition cut-off relay circuit diagram.jpg

Seems to me the test diagram/picture is incorrect. Should the test be conducted by connecting the bottom two terminals to power as I am doing?

This is the only step I still need to clarify before replacing the CDI unit is called for the service manual. Yes, I was getting the intermittent spark problem and now have no spark but everything else has tested within specifications in accordance with the diagnostic procedure.


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I have found that there are so many variations in the (general) TW manuals, that it wouldn't surprise me if they had one for Japan, another one for Europe, and one for the USA - and a handful for different years after that.

Given that the '87 had that dodgy CDI, this complicates matters further when it comes to future wiring diagrams.

Are you sure this is the correct diagram for that "specific" bike - and even if it is - are you not tempting fate by trying to get by on the old CDI ?
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