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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

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Never left has sat since my little foot incident, but now im 98.573% better. I have been riding since then, just been taking the rzr and enjoying a different type of riding. Took the bike out for a 143 mile ass pounding hurts to stand up at the end of the day type of ride. This was my first ride on a newly acquired 3 inch longer swing arm that magically appeared at my door addressed to "xdacDOG". Who could of possibly sent that?

At first i wasn't too sure that i liked the swing arm. I wasn't able to pop the front end up as much as i use to and yes with a 70 tooth sprocket its very easy. I did notice the shock is too soft for me now..back to experimenting on that.
Near the end of the day we did a few nasty rocky hill climbs...this is where i changed my mind. I knew how the tw would react over a few rock ledges and to my surprise the front end didn't come up like i expected..i thought i might of changed into a better rider in my off hill same this is great! I couldn't believe how much that extra 3 inches helped..but then again if i had an extra 3 inches my gf would be happy too...

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'Bout time, ya slacker
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Whats up with the new truck???????????????????DOG


Paramedics escort him everywhere. He's good training.....
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