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I'm torn, I might sell my bike.

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Hey guys,

I am looking for some feedback and your ideas.

I am moving to another state and we are going to move with ABF's pods. I am 95% sure the TW will just fit in the pod but the company states that automobiles are not allowed to be packed. I should ask if I can pack a motocycle but I will take a wild guess and say, no.

So I bought my 2007 for $2500 and I love it. I could sell it here then re-buy something in my new home state (CO.). Or I could drain the gas and pack it up and act like I never read Do Not Pack List.

Damn, this sucks.


Thank you,

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That was I thinking; damn I feel like 16 again calling up to see if I should dump my girl. That doesn't make sense.

I think I just needed confirmation. Thank you!
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Motorcycle = No Problem!

ABF is Awesome!
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Thankfully it isn't an issue now!

Good call about draining the bike and disconnecting the battery.

The battery is easy. The oil I can do just at the plug, but what is the best way to drain the gas?
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