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I'm torn, I might sell my bike.

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Hey guys,

I am looking for some feedback and your ideas.

I am moving to another state and we are going to move with ABF's pods. I am 95% sure the TW will just fit in the pod but the company states that automobiles are not allowed to be packed. I should ask if I can pack a motocycle but I will take a wild guess and say, no.

So I bought my 2007 for $2500 and I love it. I could sell it here then re-buy something in my new home state (CO.). Or I could drain the gas and pack it up and act like I never read Do Not Pack List.

Damn, this sucks.


Thank you,

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I would pull the rubber line off your petcock and drain the tank. Does your carb have a drain screw on the bottom of the bowl? If so, just unscrew and that should drain the carb. If not, find dirt area and lean the bike on its side and the gas should generally drain out the bowl overflow.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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