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Impressive for 200cc

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Well, I put the 60 tooth sprocket on and I am very impressed how it pulls my fat ass up a very steep dirt hill. Went out to the boonies today to try it out and it will easily do what I need for my Elk hunt in Sept. Thanks to you guys and your input, the sprocket and new 128 chain install went smooth as butter. I am also impressed how it handles in deep sand.
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cool, where did you get the 60 tooth /part#?


Yes 14 tooth front. And I bought the 60 tooth from PBI

Expensive aluminum sprocket.$70.00 shipped.

I don't care that it is aluminum because I only ride once a month or

so in the desert

for about an hour. Then on a Deer or Elk hunt once a year.I ride

a Goldwing every day year 'round, so this little bike is a real blast to ride.
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[quote name='tripleted' date='26 June 2011 - 11:28 AM' timestamp='1309105690' post='21030']

Installed a 45 tooth with a 15 on the front yesterday to get some more spacing between the gears and some more speed. If it is too much I can always go back to the 14 tooth front sprocket to give it a little less speed. I mainly use it for street commuting and forest service roads.

I will never buy an aluminum sprocket because they wear so fast. Aren't those for the racer boys?

Like I said, it is only for off road every now and then .I would never buy aluminum for street use.
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